SBN ECO Team Achieves Platinum Status Again!

Our St. Brendan Gryphon Green ECO team has been busy this year!  Last year, we were one of the few schools in the board to achieve a PLATINUM status and we are happy to announce that once again we were awarded a Platinum certified Ontario Eco school for the 2018-2019 school year. Below are some of the activities completed to assist St. Brendan in achieving this award:

  • Throughout the year, ECO members gave regular ECO announcements and classroom presentations, promoting proper recycling and saving electricity.
  • They also helped to plan different environmental campaigns throughout the year.  
  • The team organized Recycle my Cell, where we sent over 60 cell phones away for proper recycling!
  • The team organized and participated in Walk to School week in the fall, where we promoted walking or biking to school instead of driving every day.
  • In February, our school participated in National Sweater Day, where the heat was turned down and we wore sweaters to stay warm and promote energy conservation.
  • This year, our ECO team took part in the Crayola Marker drive where we sent any old markers to Crayola for proper recycling instead of throwing them in the garbage.
  • During April for Earth month, our school collected plastic bags and promoted the use of reusable grocery bags and also collected hundreds of pounds of textiles, diverting them from landfills.
  • We participated in Trashless Thursdays all year long, encouraging less waste for snack and lunchtime.
  • Our ECO team members regularly conducted waste and electricity walkabouts, where members went into each of the classrooms at lunchtime and checked that the lights and Promethean boards were off and checked the garbage and recycling bins for contamination.  Students used checklists to keep track of the results and then left updates or infraction tickets on each of the classroom doors to communicate results.
  • Environmental ideas were incorporated into curriculum lessons and proudly displayed across every grade from our school.
  • We received several grants to plan, design, and create our STREAM HARBOUR and have loved watching it come to life with the help of our intermediate students.
  • We continue to maintain our school grounds through, gardening, weeding, and planting many more perennials, shrubs and trees.

What a successful year it has been!

We thank you for your continued support as we would not be able to achieve this Platinum status without support from the school community. Congratulations to Ms. Addorisio and the amazing ECO Club students!

Please see below for the response from ECO Schools:

Congratulations St. Brendan Catholic School on a fantastic, earth-friendly year! It is clear that your teachers are committed to incorporating environmental literacy in their classrooms which supports developing environmental awareness across the student body. We really enjoyed looking at the strong examples of student work included in your Curriculum submissions. Your Environmental Stewardship campaigns were a huge success! They each provided excellent, clear, and well-communicated connections to learning about an environmental issue. Overall, you have demonstrated exemplary initiatives in all areas of the program, and we encourage you to build on this success next year by continually deepening your projects in the years to come. Keep up the great work!