Preparing for our new and “unique” school year

On behalf of the crew at SBN, we would like to wish you and your families a safe and relaxing Labour Day Weekend. Please note that we continue to work very hard to prepare for our school opening. An email with school-specific information will be sent out prior to the first day. Families will also be emailed their face to face teacher for September start-up. Our YCDSB remote schools are also being finalized. Your patience and understanding are much appreciated.

To help in preparing for our new and “unique” school year, in school teachers of the following grades were consulted to offer a “wish list” of supplies they felt your child would benefit from having on hand.  Since these items are not to be shared in class, as they would have been in previous years, it is suggested that each child bring their own personal supplies. Our school will offer supplies as best as possible to meet the needs of each individual student, however, your support would be greatly appreciated. We hope this is helpful in preparing your child for September. Please note these are suggestions. 


Pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener, crayons, pencil crayons, markers, child-friendly scissors, glue sticks, tissue boxes, pencil case, 1 container of store-bought playdough

Grade 1

Pencils, erasers, covered pencil sharpener,  pencil crayons, crayons, thick markers, thin markers, pencil case(s) with enough room to store the items listed above, scissors, 3 large glue sticks, box of tissue, blank paper in a folder or a colouring book to use if work is completed early

Grade 2

Pencil cases, pencils, erasers, covered pencil sharpener, ruler, scissors, markers thin and thick, pencil crayons, crayons, highlighters, glue sticks, a box of tissue, blank paper/colouring book to use if finished work early, a book to read if finished work early

Grade 3

Pencil case, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener, ruler, scissors, pencil crayons, markers, highlighter, glue sticks

Grade 4

Pencil case, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener, ruler, scissors, markers, pencil crayons, highlighters, glue sticks or white glue, protractor

Grade 5

Pencil case, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener, pens (blue or black), pencil crayons, markers, highlighters, fine tip black markers, calculator, compass set (protractor, ruler, etc…), lined paper, scissors, glue stick, 4 different coloured duotangs, a box of tissues

Grade 6 

Pencil case, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener, pens, white-out, ruler, protractor, lined paper, 3 ring binder with dividers, pencil crayons, scissors, calculator, glue stick, highlighters, 4 different colour duotangs, NOVEL to read for dear time and spare time

Grade 7

1 tissue box, Personal agenda, Pencil Case/Box (to store items), Indoor Shoes, Pens (blue &/or black, & red), Whiteout tape (avoid liquid), pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser, Packs of Lined Paper, Graph paper, 2 x 3”-ring binder, Dividers (8+ for various subjects), markers/pencil crayons, Scissors, glue sticks, Post-its, Duotangs: (5 colours), Highlighters (3 colours), sunscreen, clipboard, * Scientific calculator (ex: Dollarama, Walmart, Staples have relatively economical ones that range from $3-$15+), * Geometry set (with a protractor, ruler, etc.) [* These can be used again into Grade 8 and high school]

Grade 8

Pens (blue or black), pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser, lined paper, 2 x 3 ring binder with dividers (8+), markers/pencil crayons, scissors, glue stick, highlighters, calculator, geometry set, graph paper, post-its, sunscreen, clipboard, personal agenda

A few points to consider:

  • Keep the supplies simple and where possible, label items with your child’s name

  • Refresh the supplies from home and send only what the child needs (i.e. instead of a package of pencils, send 1 or 2)

  • Pencil case or storage container to keep items organized

  • We will try our best to use the outdoors as a classroom-consider a hat/sunscreen that your child could have on hand to wear

  • Indoor shoes are a must to keep our school clean

  • Reusable water bottle

  • Hand sanitizer, masks (grades 4-8), mask holder (bag), consider a spare mask in case the one your child is wearing that day gets dirty and they have a backup one

Please note that there is a staggered entry for the first day. We look forward to welcoming your child during the staggered entry dates listed below:

  • Kindergarten students will begin and continue to attend on Friday, September 11th

  • Grades 1-3 will begin and continue to attend on Thursday, September 10th

  • Grades 4-6 will begin and continue to attend on Tuesday, September 15th

  • Grades 7-8 will begin and continue to attend on Monday, September 14th