Class Placements 2022-2023

Dear Parents/Guardians:

In the next few weeks, staff will begin the process for the formation of class lists for the 2022-2023 school year.  After we determine class organization each student is individually discussed and placed according to a number of criteria. This is a process we take very seriously; it involves much prayer, thought and conversation. Our goal is to establish balanced classes.  These classes will consist of students who will work well together, thereby enriching each other’s learning experiences. 

In forming classes, including combined grades, we will be considering the actual number of classes available to place students as well as the following factors:

  • Individual student learning profiles, styles and needs
  • gender balance 
  • social, emotional, behavioral and physical needs of  students
  • Special education or ESL needs
  • overall class dynamics – personalities & maturity levels

The teachers who have worked with the children this year know them and will make determinations based on each child’s best interests. Should you wish to share additional information relative to the considerations above, please request in writing, including the rationale for your request, to Ms. Stuart, no later than Thursday, May 19, 2022.  Please be aware that this information will be shared with the relevant teams of teachers preparing the class lists for a particular grade level, however, this does not guarantee that your request can be honored.   Please note that requests for a specific teacher cannot be accepted.  

Finally, if you are moving or transferring schools, please inform us as soon as possible.  Please call the office, 905-642-6728 to let us know.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation. 



St.Brendan Principal