Pick Up/Drop Off Routine

As parents, it is reasonable to expect a safe “drop-off” zone for the children. Hence, the question: “Where can I stop in order to off load my child(ren)?” St. Brendan Drop & Go is ideal to drop off children in a safe and expedient manner. Here’s how it works:

  • Enter the Drop & Go loop from Hoover drive, veer right to the outside curb lane (past the staff parking entrance) and proceed to the curb lane adjacent to the JK/SK play area.
  • At 8:45am – once Teacher Supervision is available in the school yard, a Parent Volunteer will move the pylons across the Drop & Go entrance (below the exit ramp on the east side of the parking lot) to open the Drop & Go, and direct vehicles into the curb lane
  • Vehicles will be waved down the lane so as many vehicles as possible can drop off at once.
  • Only parent volunteers will approach vehicles. They will ask the student’s grade and walk them to the appropriate school yard entrance.
  • Note: Intermediate student volunteers (wearing a visible safety vest) may also be asked to walk students to the appropriate school yard to expedite the process.

Staff Parking

Parking spaces are very limited – only staff members are allowed access! Parents wanting to park for any reason (i.e., drop of child with large project, volunteering, sporting event, meeting with the teachers, etc.) are encouraged to park on the side streets that surround the school.

When dropping off children in this Drop & Go area, please be considerate of the success factors below:

  • Pull your car as far forward as possible before stopping to discharge children; this might include passing other vehicles to find the open spaces near the front.
  • Five or six cars can transfer students at the same time; watch for directions from the Parent Volunteers.
  • Discharge children from the passenger side of the car only, so they will not have to cross the driveway in front of traffic.
  • Remain in the driver’s seat; have backpack ready on child’s lap or on the floor of the car. Parent Volunteers will assist with car doors.
  • Keep goodbyes brief; other drivers will be waiting behind you to discharge children.
  • Exit the Drop & Go promptly after discharging children.

You can save time by planning ahead. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Arrive early. The busiest time at the Drop & Go area is five minutes before the start of classes. Plan to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the final bell, when the traffic is lighter.
  • Adjust for rain. The number of cars using the Drop & Go area will increase when it rains. Be patient, and plan on spending a small amount of additional time.
  • Reduce the number of vehicles using the Drop & Go area; carpool with others, walk to/from school or use the bus transportation that may be afforded to you.

Volunteers Needed!

One of the ways you can ensure the sustainability of this program is to donate your time (15-30 minutes/week) and/or encourage your friends and neighbours to commit theirs! If interested, please contact your Drop & Go Representative: stbrendandropandgo@gmail.com